We build infrastructure for the next generation of technology companies

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We believe technology is the most powerful tool for social impact

By making innovations like blockchain and tokenization more accessible, we help the next generation of technology companies build a future that is more equal, fair, and free.

Starting with distribution

We build protocols, tools, and applications for cryptonetworks. Today, we're focused on helping cryptonetworks distribute their tokens more effectively.


We’re building an open source digital asset distribution protocol. The protocol combines a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism with a system where consumers are rewarded to use new products.

Developer Tools

We're building "Salesforce for blockchain". We help cryptonetworks understand their key metrics, communicate with their stakeholders, and align incentives through event-based rewards.


Our consumer applications introduce mainstream users to the tokenized web by making it fun to discover high-quality products while earning tokens along the way.

For consumers

Earn tokens in one tap.

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For token projects

Distribute your tokens in one click.
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Founding Team

Esteban Castaño

Esteban previously co-founded the engineering team at Generation, the world's largest youth employment organization, designed digital growth strategies at McKinsey & Company, and studied Government at Dartmouth. MBA candidate at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Rahul Raina

Rahul is a blockchain engineer who previously built distributed infrastructure at Amazon AWS, shipped software at OpenDoor, co-founded the engineering team at Generation (with Esteban), and did management consulting at McKinsey & Company. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.